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Researched Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

The Mindful Mentor Program™ (MMP) is designed to help families with incorporating Mindfulness strategies.  It is either for parent and child to work together or for your child to do individually. The Mindful Mentor Program™ combines mindfulness strategies and executive function exercises with a talking component to identify barriers such as stress, anxiety, and mindlessness awareness.  It contains research-based and evidence-based strategies to help kids and parents with processing thoughts, creating habits, as well as develop new ways of thinking around   “Awareness and Acceptance.” 

Common Mindfulness Exercises, Fully Adapted for use by Children

Worry - Anxiety - Stress

Mindfulness-Based programs have been used successfully to help many with their struggles through everyday life. A growing body of research indicates that practicing mindfulness and strengthening executive functions can lead to improved focus and concentration, increased happiness and well-being, decreased anxiety or low mood, as well as improved sleeping and immune functioning.  The Mindful Mentor Program focuses on using Mindfulness to tackle one particular kind of struggle that about 20% of children experience during their development: (performance)-anxiety.

Performance anxiety is literally the fear of failure. Some children, despite preparing well, fear failure. Often, they get stuck in their own thoughts and think: “It will probably not work, I will probably have a blackout, or my body will not cooperate”. Performance anxiety mainly occurs when a certain task must be performed; something is expected of your child and he or she is judged accordingly. This (often overwhelming) fear causes many children to underperform and creates additional stress that impacts the quality of life.

Clinical Counselling vs Mentoring

The Mindful Mentor Program™ is not psychotherapy or clinical counselling. Although clinical counselling and mentoring can be beneficial for clients, they are quite different in their approach. In general, clinical counselling benefits clients by creating a trusted and safe space for healing, for instance dealing with difficult emotions and situations. Clinical Counselling is often started when something “is not right”. Mentoring focuses on the holistic level and continues to assist the client with further discovering what is right in their life while taking into account the current situation. The Mindful Mentor Program™ focuses on assisting families with incorporating mindfulness and strengthen executive functions as a general benefit to continue to set up children for success, and can therefore be started at any time!

The Intake and Planning Session

Prior to the planning session parents, complete an intake form as well as a short online assessment around the development of Executive Functions.  The results are discussed during the Mindful Mentor Program™ Intake and Planning Session to assist with goal setting and set direction. From there, we start by talking about some of the basics of Mindfulness by focusing on simple exercises that vary depending on the goal. In addition, other simple to implement strategies are explored to help kids boost their executive functions. All mentor plans include a specific movement exercise to help kids and parents with physical conditioning and awareness, one or multiple types of meditation, as well as a carefully selected Mindful Routine that kids can use when they feel the need to “take a moment.”

Mindful Awareness


Executive Functions


The flow of a typical 45-minute Mindful Mentor Program™ Session

  1. Reflect and Ask. Each session starts with a short reflection. We look at how “things” are going, as well as small or major changes that affect your family's Mindfulness way. This is also the time to ask questions.
  2. Movement. Together we perform a 5-minute physical exercise to help your child's body condition and get ready for Mindfulness activities.
  3. Mentoring and Coaching. This is the core component of each session. We will cover mindfulness and executive strategies techniques that meet your and your child's needs. The come in various forms such as short games, worksheets, or functional everyday tasks. We then reflect briefly on barriers (such as elf-care, stress management, self-esteem, anger management, mindful eating, or difficult emotions) that were described in the Mindful Mentor™ Plan.
  4. Meditation. After the core mentoring component, we will do a 5 to 10-minute meditation session. Since there are various ways of meditation, we will select the kind that works best for you and your child or for your child individually.
  5. Looking Ahead. The final component is to plan for the next few days or weeks by reflecting on ways to incorporate the newly learned strategies into everyday life. This may include some home assignments including movement, creative assignments,  journaling or reflection.

How often should sessions be scheduled?

There is no set schedule that determines the frequency of the sessions. It is recommended to schedule the initial planning session and the first mentoring session closely together. From there on, the frequency depends on your and your child's needs and desires. Sessions can be scheduled ad hoc, or per fixed period (with a minimum of 2 weeks in between to allow for strategies to be practiced implemented). 

Mindfulness BOOSTS your Child's Executive Functions

Chris de Feyter EdD.


Mindfulness Mentor

Meet your Mindfulness Mentor, Chris de Feyter. Chris has been studying and incorporating Mindfulness for 35 years through active exposure to (classical) Japanese culture as well as through academic studies.

Chris currently works as a special education consultant for a school division in Canada. He holds various graduate degrees including a Doctor of Education degree focusing on classroom climates.  Chris actively promotes mindfulness in classrooms, in behaviour management, as well as in creating positive classroom management systems for students and teachers. He has extensive experience in various counselling methods that are mind and body-based (CBT, REBT, TA, MCBT).

Professional Memberships:

  • Canadian Positive Psychology Association.
  • International Positive Psychology Association.

Disclaimer: Chris de Feyter works as a consultant for a large school division in Saskatchewan. The services through La Ronge Enkyoji Cultural Centre Inc. are not a conflict of interest since providing individual mindfulness and executive functions mentoring to school-aged children is not part of his consulting duties at the school division. In addition, Chris does not promote the activities of La Ronge Enkyojji Cultural Centre Inc. through recommendations to teachers and parents within the school division.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids that have a developmental age of 6 and up and who are mature enough to engage in individual movement and discussion are more than welcome.

Yes, for the time being until COVID-19 is under control. A secure and PHIPA and HIPAA compliant tele-health provider is used for the online sessions. All you need is a device with a camera, speakers, and microphone. We do not use Zoom.

The initial session may include the completion of one or more questionnaires, depending on the situation of you or your child. These questionnaires are used to individualize the Mindful Mentor program to better address your (child's) needs. In addition, all clients complete a waiver and disclaimer form.

Mindful Mentoring is not psychotherapy or clinical counselling, yet strategies that are used in such programs are similar to the ones used in our program. There are a variety of strategies that are used across different programs but that are not specific to any program by itself. Any strategy used in Mindful Mentor Program has a research-based from positive psychology (2nd wave), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP, as well as traditional Buddhist practices. 

Mindfulness by itself originated from the Buddhist way of life. However, there is no longer a religious aspect to incorporating Mindfulness and meditation into daily living. Therefore, the Mindful Mentor Program as a secular method can be used by anyone despite race or religious background.

Mindful Mentoring is not psychotherapy or clinical counselling and therefore health insurances do not cover the cost of participation.

Never. The Mindfulness Mentoring program can be used next to any medical treatment that you or your child require.

On occasion, the result of the intake appointment may be such that we recommend talking to a different specialist first. We have selected highly experienced professionals such as registered psychologists who we can refer to. Although waiting lists exist, our contacts have agreed to fast-track appointments.

La Ronge Enkyoji Cultural Centre Inc. is a nonprofit corporation in Saskatchewan. La Ronge Enkyoji. It promotes compassion through meditative and mindfulness experiences in various ways that are inspired by Nichiren Shu Buddhism, and is welcoming to all. Although La Ronge Enkyoji is a corporation with the roots in Nichiren Shu Buddhism, all programs are offered on a secular basis. Nevertheless, if participants would like to learn more about buddhist practices, they are free to further explore the possibilities by contacting Chris.

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